Begampur Mosque: One of the Several Monuments of Jahanapah

A beauty that was built in the 14 th century by the Tughlaqs now lies in almost ruins within Jahanapah. The structure is under archaeological protection and depicts a strong influence of Islamic architecture of the Tughlaq period.

Image Credits: Nvvchar

The structure was built by the popular Iranian architect Zahir al-Din al-Jayush. It served as the administrative centre of the time, with mosques, the main treasury and market areas surrounding the structure. There are several theories about the construction and purpose of the building. Some historians say that it was built at a proximity to Bijay Mandal, on the same year Muhammed Tughlaq died.

Although in a depleting state the monument needs to be visited to understand its true beauty. Its rustic condition also makes it a great location for photography, especially during sunrise and sunset. Discover several other ancient monuments of bygone eras in the beautiful capital. Drop by our front desk and we can organize a customized trip for you through the city. Enjoy the best of accommodation and adventure only with us, one of the best hotels in Safdarjung Enclave.

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