Chor Minar: Another Ancient Minaret in the City

Located in the popular Hauz Khas off Aurbindo Marg, this 13th century minaret is one of the many in the capital. It is truly a masterpiece and requires a visit to understand what is so special about it. The word ‘Chor’ translates to thief but legend says a different story about the place.


Image Credit-Ramesh lalwani

Built during the Khilji Dynasty, it was constructed by the great Alauddin Khilji as is known to house convicts at the time. But several historians have their own theories based on vague evidences. The most common one being that it was a popular place where convicts or law breakers were taken once they were sentenced to be beheaded. Known by many as the “Tower of Beheadings” during its time, the severed heads of thieves were displayed on spears through its 225 holes, as a warning to other thieves and bandits.

Another theory states that the king at the time used this minaret to slaughter people of Mongolian descent who tried to invade several regions of India during the time.

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