How to organise a successful conference: Last minute check list

How to organise a successful conference: Last minute check list

A business conference involves a lot of planning, execution and can make your day feel a lot longer than it is. Here are a few things that will help you carry out a flawless conference.


Book your venue early.

In metro cities such as Delhi, where business events are planned every minute, finding a conference hall at a short notice can be a challenge. So plan ahead and book the best conference venue early.


It’s important to have signs and directions pointing to your meeting venue within the hotel. This will help guests find their way quickly and without any confusion.

Plan timely breaks.

Make sure you split the event with short breaks in between. Not only can long sessions become boring, breaks also gives ample time for networking and discussions.

Add in some entertainment.

After the conference, have an artist perform for your clients over lunch/dinner. It’s a great way to de-stress after a serious meeting.

Double check the venue.

It’s important that the venue meets the requirements of a business conference. Valet parking, airport transfers, affable staff members and an obliging front desk all matter. These are very important when your clients have different demands and circumstances.

Apart from these, make sure you have contact details of fellow organisers and officials at the venue. Carrying a few extra visiting cards may also come handy. Also do a test run of the projectors and AV console. Check that the file format of your presentation is compatible with the system you use.

The above are easy slips to make when you are in pressure and tensed about the event. That’s why we suggest to be very selective about the venue. Select a venue that will offer end-to-end service for your conference. Ensure the banquet manager understands your requirements and works with you at every step to ensure a smooth run of the event. Work with the best business hotels that will take care of all these last minute arrangements while you focus on networking and interaction.


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