Indian War Memorial Museum: Commemorating the Wars of Ancient India

Located in the Naubat Khana building, within the Red Fort campus, this museum seldom goes unnoticed by visitors. While several thousands visit the Red Fort regularly, many don’t visit this glorious museum that houses several artefacts and mementos related to wars that were fought over the years.


The museum comprises of two floors and has several galleries dedicated to the Indian Army that fought valiantly during the First and Second World War. Other displays feature paintings and dioramas of historical wars fought during the time of the Lodis and Mughals. One that is sure to catch your eye is a Diorama of the Battle of Panipat, which was fought in 1526.

Objects on display include badges, uniforms, war flags, daggers, guns, helmets and other weapons. You can also get a view of Maharaja Pratap Singh of Idar’s war uniform which includes a Kurta and a design-filled Turban.

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