Jahanpanah: Another City Established By The Tughlaq Dynasty

Established between 1326 – 1327 by the great Muhammad bin Tughlaq, Jahanpanah is a city that was built because of constant invasion attempts by the Mongols. The city is now in ruins and has been through serious damage through the years. Now it has become a part of the busy urban expansion around South Delhi.

Legend has it that Muhammad bin Tughlaq encircled two cities of the time, Siri and Lal Kot to constitute Jahanpanah. The small city houses several structures of the time, some of them in poor condition but still showcases the artistic Islam architecture. These structures include the Begumpur Masjid, Bijaymandal Palace, Serai Shaji Mahal, Sadhana Enclave and the popular Lal Gumbad.

Image Credits: Nvvchar

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