Karva Chauth: An ancient custom of love

Karva Chauth is a festival celebrated by married Hindu women and involves fasting from sunrise to moonrise. This fast is said to bring good health and prosperity to their husbands.The festival falls on the fourth day after a full moon day during the month of Karthik and is celebrated in most northern states.


The rituals include the husband feeding the wife before the begin of the fast, which is before sunrise. Women who fast are told to avoid regular house work and encouraged to spend the day with friends and relatives where they exchange gifts and apply mehendi on their palms. Women who observe the fast wear shades of red and orange, which are considered to be auspicious colours.

Then there is the infamous ritual of the woman looking at the moon through a sieve with a vessel filled with water that has the reflection of the moon during moonrise. Offering water to the moon is said to secure the moon’s blessings. The woman then looks at her husband through the same sieve, which is a way of telling the husband that he is as illuminant as the moon itself.

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