Khirki Mosque: A 14 th Century Marvel by the Tughlaqs

Located very close to the Satpula, also known as the seven-arched bridge of Jahapanah, this mosque built in the 14 th century is a beauty that must be visited. The name translates to ‘’Mosque of Windows’’, with the structure having several windows.

The mosque is a result of the collaboration of Khan-i- Jahan Junaan Telangani and Feroz Shah Tughlaq, two greats of the time who went on to establish several monuments in and around Delhi. The mosque is built like a fortress, which is how most structures that follow a Tughluqian style of architecture appear.

Image Credits: Varun Shiv Kapur
Image Credits: Varun Shiv Kapur

The mosque is a huge construction with 9 small domes and several open square and flat roofs. Many parts of the mosque are under renovation due to the lack of maintenance it received during the years. But most of the structure still stands strong, showcasing several patterns, courtyards, passages and beautiful arches.

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