Kotla Mubarakpur: More than Just an Upscale Market

Now classified as an urban village, Kotla Mubarakpur was once a small village with a rich lineage of rulers. The area has several tombs of rulers from the Lodi Dynasty and similar periods.


Image Credits-Varun Shiv Kapur

During the fifteenth century, Khizr Khan of the Lodi Dynasty imprisoned Daulat Khan to take over anything under the Tughlaq Dynasty and introduce the Sayyid Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate, who claimed to be descendants of Prophet Muhammad.  Before Khizr Khan fell ill and passed away in 1421 A.D, he appointed his son Mubarak Khan as his successor. Mubarak Khan who later went on to be known as Muizz-ud-Din Mubarak Shah for his aggressive war campaigns, established the city of Mubarakabad along the banks of river Yamuna. His tomb lays in Kotla Mubarakpur, which is designed with both Lodi and Tughlaq style dome and walls.

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