Najaf Khan’s Tomb – A Tribute To The 18 TH Century Commander

Located on Delhi – Mehrauli Road opposite Safdarjung Airport, this tomb of the great Commander in chief was built after his demise in 1782. The monument has a sprawling open space that is decorated with a pleasant garden and paths.

Mirza Najaf Khan was the Commander in Chief of the Mughal Empire from 1772 AD to 1782, until his demise. He is said to have introduced European techniques and instruments into the army, combining both foreign and traditional methods of warfare to build an indestructible army. Many historians say that after Najaf Khan’s death, the Mughal army weakened drastically and eventually perished within 40 years of his demise.

Image Credits: Anupamg
Image Credits: Anupamg

His tomb is one of the few Islamic constructions that has an absence of a dome and is hence covered by a flat roof. The monument is mostly built of sandstone but also uses marble in certain spaces.

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