National Rail Museum: A collection that is sure to amuse

The National Rail Museum located in Chanakyapuri displays a rich collection of artefacts from the Indian Railways since its advent. The museum is home to several rare productions and even engines, most of which were made during colonial rule. Opened in 1977, the museum is one of India’s few rail museums.


Image Credits-Sandeep Suresh

Experience the evolution of railways at the National Rail Museum in Delhi. The museum is closed on Mondays so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. Or even better, leave it to us. Our travel desk staff are perfectly capable of putting together an itinerary that lets you customize and enjoy the many tourist spots in Delhi. Enjoy the best of accommodation, only with us, at one of the best hotels in South Delhi.There are several exhibits, with some of them catering to children. This makes it a good place to visit during the weekends. The museum ground also display a series of life size engines, that are a visual treat with their unique design and sheer size. Some of the major attractions include the Patiala State Monorail, which you can take a ride on. The Fairy Queen and Saloons of Prince of Wales, Maharaja of Indore and Maharaja of Mysore are also displayed here. There are also a series of steam and electric locomotives that were designed as part of experimentation by automobile engineers of the time.

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