Republic Day Parade: A Tribute To The Country’s Diversity

The largest parade in the country is held on the 26th of January every year to celebrate Republic Day and commemorate the many defence divisions and cultures of the country. It is held along the Rajpath and India Gate in the city.


The event is attended by senior delegates of the country including the Prime Minister, President, and a chief guest from a foreign nation. Before the parade there are several rituals carried out by the President and Prime Minister to commemorate the several battalions that protect our borders and associated with the defence.

One of the most decorated events of the year, the parade includes several defence and cultural associations that exhibit their fervour for the nation with powerfully choreographed routines. The parade also includes exclusive vehicles and artillery that is used by the defence.

An event this is not to be missed during this time around, the Republic Day Parade starts at 9 am on the 26th of January. Do let us know prior arrival if you’re interested and we’ll organize the required transport. Enjoy the best of hospitality, only with us, at one of the best hotels in South Delhi.

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