Taste the best of Delhi sweets and pack some for home too

Delhi’s affinity for sweet dates back to its royal heritage. A variety of its sweets are reminiscent of the lavish desserts served in the Mughal Durbar. Over a period of time, the sweets of Delhi have also come under the influence of its neighbouring states. As a sweet connoisseur, what you’ll find in Delhi today is a culmination of cultures and heritage represented uniquely through an array of sweet dishes and condiments. The sweets of Delhi are an experience by themselves. Savour them while you’re in town and also pack some for your beloveds back home.


Here are the most popular sweet shops in Delhi, that are a short distance away from JRD Exotica, the best business hotel in Delhi:


Now an international brand, Haldiram’s has always dominated the sweet market in North India. With several branches in and around Delhi, they serve a wide variety of palatable sweets. Make time and spend an evening tasting the variety of sweets at this shop.

Kamala Sweets:

Specialists in Bengali sweets, this quaint sweet shop in Chittaranjan Park is flocked by hundreds every day. Everything is economically priced so dig right in. Their Kheer Kadam and Mishti Doi are a must try.

Kallan Sweets:

Located in the bustling Chandni Chowk among several other sweet shops, this one stands out. Their jamuns, halwas and kheer are all worth a shot. The place is open till midnight so feel free to grab a late night snack/chaat here.

However, if you’re hard pressed for time and unable to visit any of the above joints don’t feel sad. We have a collection of Delhi sweets right in our restaurant. The facilities at JRD Exotica, the best hotel in Safdarjung Enclave, are designed to offer you a slice-of-life of Delhi. That’s why, we serve at our restaurant, specially curated Delhi local food including its sweets and condiments.


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