The Holy Month of Muharram and its Importance

Today is celebrated as Muharram, which is the 10th day in the month of Muharram.  The word ‘Muharram’ means sinful or forbidden and is observed to forgive one of his/her sins. Celebrated mostly by Shia Muslims, it involves fasting on the 9th, 10th and 11th day of Muharram as a sign of mourning.


Imam Husayn Ibn Ali, known to be the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was killed on this day. This is the reason people mourn as his death was what saw the division of Islam into Sunni and Shia.

Muharram is a great time to watch Islam followers in the city take to the streets to dance and celebrate the festival. Some even indulge in self-flagellation, which is condemned by several human rights activists and organisations.

Another aspect of the festival is food as the city flocks with delicacies of different kinds. Visit our travel desk and a get more detailed idea about what you can do during this holy month of Muharram in Delhi. Explore and enjoy a luxurious stay only at the best hotel in South Delhi.

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