The Iron Pillar: Another Spectacle of the Qutub Complex

Located in the famous Qutub Complex, the Iron Pillar of Delhi is a small yet valuable historical monument in the city. It comprises of a 7 metre metal column that is made of a mix of metals, which prevents it from rusting.



Image Credit- Mark A. Wilson (Department of Geology, The College of Wooster). [1]

Estimated to have been erected around 400 CE, the pillar weighs around 6,000 kilograms, has several inscriptions and has a unique design on top. The many inscriptions on the pillar are estimated to be from different eras by several researchers. The last one being by the Gupta emperor Chandragupta II. Some of the inscriptions state that the original location of the pillar was Vishnupadagiri, while archaeologists still debate that fact.

Apart from its historical significance there are also several scientific analyses to why the pillar was erected and how it manages to stay rustproof through the centuries.

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