Top tourist places within a 10km radius from JRD Exotica: Agrasen ki Baoli

At Agrasen Baoli, time has come to a stand-still. While life runs incessantly at a fast pace in the capital city of India, languidly nestled amidst all the hustle bustle is the oldest monument of Central Delhi. Even though it is located in the heart of the city, it will only reveal itself to the inquisitive ones who care to seek its existence.

Agrasen ki Baoli

Image Credit-Supreet Sethi

The step well is said to be built by Maharaja Agrasen during the times of Mahabharata. However, historians agree that architectural patterns indicate that the monument was built, or at least renovated, during the late Tughlaq period.

The ruins of the Baoli, with its classical enigma, transports visitors to an age-old era, that’s far removed from the modernity of contemporary times. As you sit surrounded by the four levels of the baoli with decorated arches, looking down upon the flight of 108 stairs that once led to the source of water, your mind wanders among the folds of time. Folklore becomes inseparable from reality. Stories of riches, power, lost civilisations and sorcery intertwine to cast a spell on you. The place is truly magical.

Today, Agrasen ki Baoli is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is only a short distance from JRD Exotica and can be easily accessed by public transport. We can also arrange for a cab if you’d like. Our strategic location in the heart of the city means that even if you’re on a tight schedule you can still manage to take out a little time and indulge in sightseeing. Close to Agrasen ki Baoli is Conaught Place, the famous shopping hub of Delhi. Ensure you grab a souvenir from there before returning home.

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