Top tourist places within a 10km radius from JRD Exotica: Biran ka Gumbad

About 1.3 kms from the Bagh I Alam ka Gumbad (the monument we reviewed in our previous post) stand Biran ka Gumbad, another ancient relic from the Lodhi era. The name means ‘the domed building of the brother’. Not much is known about this monument – who built it or for whom. The ambiguity around it perhaps adds to its enigma. The rows of arched niches around the structure render a multi-storey look to the monument. Ruins of cenotaph can be found inside the gumbad telling us that the structure was erected as a tomb.Biran-Ka-Gumbad

Image Credit-Ramesh Lalwani


The Biran ka Gumbad is surrounded by contemporary urban establishments and parks creating a stark contrast for visitors. The ambience around the Gumbad is serene making it a nice place to spend a quiet evening taking a journey back in time.

Biran ka Gumbad can be easily accessed by Metro, the nearest station being the Green Park Metro Station. One can take an auto from there to the Gumbad.

JRD Exotica is hardly 15 minutes from this intriguing monument. So if you’re visiting Delhi on a hectic business meet, you can still head-out to the Gumbad in the evening and unwind in the company of this beautiful ancient architecture. Check with our front desk if you need any assistance.

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