Top tourist places within a 10km radius from JRD Exotica: Humayun’s Tomb

An early morning visit to Humayun’s Tomb at Nizammuddin East – a short distance from Hotel JRD Exotica in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi – is one of the best experiences in Delhi. It is a hub of peace and serenity in the heart of the cosmopolitan city. Spread across acres of greenery, the complex houses the mausoleum of the great Mughal ruler – Humayun, father of Akbar. The complex also contains the tomb of Isa Khan – an Afghan noble in Sher Shah Suri’s court.

humayun tomb

The tomb was commissioned by Akbar in 1569-70. Today, a UNESCO Word Heritage site, it is the first garden-tomb in India. It follows the Persian ‘Char Bagh’ design where the mausoleum is surrounded by beautiful gardens on its four sides. It is also one of the first structures to be made of red sandstone. The various monuments within the complex are not only an architectural treat but also embody mystical stories of yesteryear. Stories of war, betrayal, grandeur and politics. The past deeds of the leaders who now rest in the magnificent tombs have been crucial in shaping our present.

A visit to Humayun’s tomb is like reliving a fragment of our history. You can take a guide with you to know more about the place or amble around, reading the information stones placed around important spots. Also bask in the serenity of the gardens, the cool ambience, the chirping of birds – a setting highly different from the rest of the metropolitan city.

At JRD Exotica we can help arrange a cab for you to travel to Humayun’s tomb at your convenience. Our staff members can also handpick sightseeing places in Delhi for you to visit. Stay with us to experience lavish comfort as well as to explore Delhi at your own pace.

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