Top tourist places within a 10km radius from JRD Exotica: Purana Qila

Delhi is home to diverse experiences. A fast-moving, commercially growing city, Delhi also offers various nooks and crannies where time comes to a standstill. Various monuments and relics are strewn across the city that etch the story of a glorious past for those who care to listen. One such historic landmark is the Purana Qila. This 5000 year old fort on the Mathura Road recalls the period of Mughal rule and their far-spreading influence. A short distance from JRD Exotica, one of Delhi’s best business hotels, will take you to the spot. Be prepared to be awed by this dilapidated yet majestic complex that holds stories of power, life and death.

Purana Qila

Image Credit-Varun Shiv Kapur

The fortification was built to protect the then city of Delhi. The tall walls that ran around the city and were surrounded by deep moats. There are four entrances to the fort. each with a unique name and significance. The complex houses an octagonal structure that used to be the library and observatory of Humayun. It is on the stairs of this edifice that Humayun slipped and dies from the injuries sustained during the fall. There is also a large mosque, called the Qila-e-Kuhan Masjid, made out of red and yellow sandstone and decorated with white and black marble.

The fort is visited by history buffs and photographers alike. There is also a museum inside the walls. Walking through the ruins, listening to the stories of past glory and about a dynasty that stood for power and grandeur is definitely an experience you should not miss. Just take a public transport or hire a cab from JRD Exotica to head-out to this awe-inspiring edifice.

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