Top tourist places within a 10km radius from JRD Exotica: Siri Fort

JRD Exotica, one of the best business hotels in Delhi, is strategically built to offer guests easy access to both commercial and tourist spots within the city. This means once you are done with your important meeting you can head-out to one interesting tourist spot and enrich your trip further. One such destination, located a short distance from Hotel JRD Exotica, is the Siri Fort.



Image Credit-Varun Shiv Kapur

Known to be the second of the seven medieval cities in Delhi, Siri was built in 1303 by Ala-ud-din Khaliji. It was a glorified seat of power in ancient India. The fort was instrumental in thwarting several Mongol invasions under the able leadership of Khaliji and his generals. The fort was also one of the first to be built that reflected the elegant Turkish architecture. Later, in the memoirs of the Mongol chief Timurlane, he writes about the resilience of the fort that protected the cities of old Delhi, Siri and Tughlaqabad.

Today, the massive fort has been reduced to dilapidated ruins. However, it still bears testimony to an imposing kingdom that once stretched across the length and breadth of India. It bears the scars of fierce battles and the spirit of opulence. It is one of the most significant monuments in Delhi – a witness to the history that shaped our current existence.

The monument can be easily accessed by public transport from JRD Exotica. Our strategic location coupled with warm hospitality and a comfortable stay ensure you stay with us every time you visit Delhi.

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