Top tourist places within a 10km radius from JRD Exotica: The Lotus Temple

If you’re in Delhi – whether on work or leisure – there’s one tourist attraction that you definitely shouldn’t miss –  The Lotus Temple. Located a short distance from JRD Exotica, rated among the best hotels in Delhi, the Lotus Temple is offers both – peace of mind and an architectural feat. This   Bahá’í Houses of Worship is a magnificent building shaped as a white lotus. It is composed of 27 free standing, marble-clad petals in clusters of three to form nine sides. It has nine doors that lead to the huge central hall used for prayers and meditation. The ambience within is serene and immediately has a soothing effect of the mind and soul of the visitor.

Lotus Temple

Image Credit-A.Savin

The structure is surrounded by many pools and extensive lawns to keep it cool. It’s structural brilliance has also earned it various awards for architecture and design.

In keeping with the Bahá’í faith, anyone can enter the temple irrespective of religion, caste or class. In 2001, CNN indicated that it was the most visited building in the world.

The strategic location of Hotel JRD Exotica in Safdarjung Enclave enables our guests to visit the various tourist attractions in Delhi with ease. Most of these attractions are a short distance from our hotel located in the centre of Delhi. Moreover, our staff can offer you effective tips and recommendations to help plan your itinerary better.

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