Transport in Delhi. How to get around the city with ease?

Delhi is a huge city and is dotted with commercial sectors as well as tourist attractions. While you need to travel at great length to find the right souvenir, tick off all the monuments or taste the best street food – what’s good about Delhi is its transport system. The city is well-connected through various modes of transport that range from inexpensive to luxury. While our hotel is located near Safdarjung Enclave, a key area in Delhi and offers great proximity to various important spots within the city, we can also help you arrange transport for long distance travel. Meanwhile, here are the most common modes of transport used in Delhi



Delhi’s traffic is known to be vexing and very slow. Most everyday commuters spend hours on the road fighting congestions due to the high vehicle density. Taking a taxi is only advisable if you’re travelling during non-peak hours or with a lot of luggage.


The bus service is well connected throughout the city. DTC buses are frequent and also have a reasonable fare. The to and from destinations may not be clearly mentioned on the bus so ask a fellow commuter before boarding. There are also AC buses for select routes.

Auto and Cycle Rickshaws:

These are best for short distances. Make sure you bargain before you board an auto rickshaw as they are prone to demand above the average rate. Cycle rickshaws are the best option to manoeuvre around areas that have narrow roads like Old Delhi.


This is the best commuting option in Delhi. Although it might be a little crowded during wee hours, it’s fast and reasonably priced. The metro is well connected throughout the capital and may require a few change of trains to reach your destination. Don’t think twice to pick this as an option to get around the city.

With metro stations located around our hotel, we are sure you’ll find it convenient to commute to different parts of Delhi staying with us, one of the best business hotels in South Delhi.

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