Twenty-one gun shots and an exuberant parade of the armed forces – brace yourself for a lifetime experience

This Independence Day don’t miss the grand celebrations of patriotism in the capital city of Delhi. Take pride in India’s rich heritage as the tricolour is hoisted on the Red Fort and numerous balloons cover the sky in shades of saffron, white and green. Salute the bravery of our soldiers as the rhythmic beat of their confident footsteps remind us of all the battles they’ve fought to keep our borders safe. The parade is hosted every year at the Red Fort – in close vicinity of JRD Exotica – one of Delhi’s best business hotels. The event is attended by hundreds of people, including dignitaries from other countries. It is truly a mesmerising experience.


Image Credits-Dennis Jarvis

After the event, while the words of the Prime Minister’s speech and the stories of sacrifice are fresh in your mind – take a stroll across the city. Watch the various old relics that dot the city skyline and see an enticing story of past unfold in front of your eyes. Stories of grandeur, of struggle, of revolt – all culminating into the freedom that we celebrate today.

Make this extended weekend count. Visit us at JRD Exotica, the best business hotel in Safdarjung Enclave for a luxurious stay – and participate in the celebrations of our 70th year of Independence.

Image Credits-Dennis Jarvis

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